In the Spotlight

“Don’t Go Unseen, Before 2015”

NH DES underground tank and piping information update: December 22, 2015 is the Deadline to close all Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems without Secondary Containment and Leak Monitoring in New Hampshire  The New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Env-Wm 1401 Underground Storage Facilities require all regulated USTs and underground piping without secondary […]

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What shape is your tank in?

Home heating oil tanks need to be maintained just as commercial tanks are. Is your tank and all portions of the system free from any leaks? Does the tank meet either Underwriters Laboratory 80 or 142 standards? Are the tank and all supports free from significant rust and corrosion? Is […]

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NHDES “Notice Of Intent To Inspect”

Have you received your “NOTICE OF INTENT TO INSPECT” your underground fuel oil storage tank facilities?  Call the professionals at Gold Eagle Contracting, Inc. to perform a pre-inspection of your facility to ensure it is in compliance with Env-Wm 1401.  We will also attend your audit so it goes as […]

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We are ICC Certified

We are ICC Certified in: Above ground Installation, Retrofitting, and Removals, Underground Tank Installation, Retrofitting, and Removals, Cathodic Protection Testing State and Manufacturer Certified for: Pump Calibration Veeder Root

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Tank Enforcement Increased

Recently, enforcement has been stepped up by  the NH Department of Environmental Services. Your tanks may need to be removed or upgraded now. With Eagle’s, you can work with our knowledgeable staff.  We will help you navigate the current regulation changes, bringing your tanks into compliance. We at Eagle’s have […]

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Knowledge You Can Trust

We have developed a solid reputation for excellence with state and local officials.   Our goal is to meet your needs and assure compliance with state and federal standards while we professionally coordinate your construction project.  We are equipped to provide comprehensive service for the private tank owner as well as […]

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