NH DES underground tank and piping information update: December 22, 2015 is the Deadline to close all Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems without Secondary Containment and Leak Monitoring in New Hampshire

 The New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Env-Wm 1401 Underground Storage Facilities require all regulated USTs and underground piping without secondary containment and continuous leak monitoring equipment to be permanently closed by December 22, 2015 pursuant to Env-Wm 1401.18(c).  Vent piping and stage II vapor recovery piping are exempt from this closure requirement. 

If your regulated UST system has any of the following then the December 22, 2015 deadline applies to you.

Underground Single Wall Pipes

Underground Single Wall Tanks

Underground Double Wall Piping without Leak Monitoring

Underground Double Wall Tanks without Leak Monitoring

Dispensers without a Dispenser Sump and Leak Monitoring 

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