Home heating oil tanks need to be maintained just as commercial tanks are.

  • Is your tank and all portions of the system free from any leaks?
  • Does the tank meet either Underwriters Laboratory 80 or 142 standards?
  • Are the tank and all supports free from significant rust and corrosion?
  • Is the tank completely above the ground and at least 4” form any surface on all sides?
  • Is the tank set on a one-piece concrete pad or concrete floor?
  • Are the tank legs installed with floor flanges or another type of feet?
  • If outdoors, is the tank on the gable end of the building or otherwise protected from roof ice & snow damage?
  • If outdoors, is the filler covered or otherwise adequately protected?
  • Is the supply line continuously plastic-coated copper from the tank to the furnace with no unions or splices?
  • Is the inside diameter of the vent pipe at least 1.25” and equal to or larger than the fill pipe?
  • Does the tank have a working sight gauge and vent whistle (an audible device to warn the oil delivery person that the tank is full?)
  • Are both the fill and vent lines fitted with proper caps?

If you answered no to any of the questions, please call Gold Eagle Contracting, Inc. (603) 528-1991 for further evaluation.