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Licenses and Certifications

NH Dept. of Environmental Services (NHDES)
  • Licensed Septic Installer
  • Above Ground Tank Installer
  • Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Under Ground Tank Installer
  • Underground Tank Remover
NH Dept. of Safety (NHDOS)
  • Licensed Gas Fitter
International Code Council (ICC)
  • Certified Above Ground Tank Installer
  • Certified Under Ground Tank Installer
  • Certified Under Ground Tank Remover
Steel Tank Institute (STI)
  • Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Certified SP001 Above Ground Tank Internal-Integrity Inspector


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What is OneStop?

OneStop is a user-friendly, online, searchable database comprised of environmental information and data compiled by NHDES programs. Information includes: sources of environmental interest; GIS data; environmental monitoring data; ordering sampling equipment for environmental testing; permit statuses; and information on local businesses that provide various environmental services, ranging from hazardous waste transportation to water well contractors. OneStop data is based on each program’s procedures and standards.

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